Victory Pants

I’m happy. I’ve got my snack and my little drink resting comfortably nearby. The sun is streaming through the window on this cold winter’s day. It’s cozy inside with the fire, the snacks, the drinks.

I am also happy because I am about to win this game. I am on the precipice of victory.

I’m staring at a hand of Pants! with an almost-full set of Classy Pants. I have two full sets lined up neatly on the table in front of me. On my next turn, all I need to do is pick up another Classy pants card and that’s all she wrote.

I am a winner. I am Mr. Pants! I am ChampionPants! I’m the King of the World! I am… I am… I…

I am a loser.

Jenni lays down a full set of Casual Pants and lets go with her in-your-face giggle. Her false look of concern for the past 20 minutes fooled me into thinking I could triumph.

No. I am not ChampionPants. I am LoserPants.

I invented a card game that I apparently suck at. Whose idea was this, anyway?

Jenni wants to play again. Yes?

Well… yes. Of course. And this time I will be… VictoryPants.

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