How to give a pre-order holiday gift of Pants!

It occurred to us recently & that people could be gearing cheap nfl jerseys up for the holiday gift-giving season. It may have been the Christmas holly decorating store shelves alongside the discounted Halloween costumes. Subtle hints like that keep our brains sharp.

It cheap nba jerseys also occurred to us Calamari that while you may want to give someone the gift of Pants! for the 2011 holiday season, you don’t want to arrive to the party empty-handed. So we designed a nifty 8 x10 pre-order purchase certificate:

You’ll receive this when you pre-order the game. For a limited time during the 2011 holiday season, we’ll even print and mail it to your chosen recipient in time for Christmas at no extra charge. When the game is released, we’ll send your purchased copies to the same address. You won’t have to lift another finger.

To take advantage of this offer (Available through December 15, 2011):

  1. Make your Autumn pre-order here.
  2. Add a note to your You order, telling us it’s a gift. game You can also include a personal cheap nfl jerseys gift message. We’ll make it look holiday-spiffy.

That’s it! Easy, low-cost gift giving. Don’t forget to gift yourself, too (my favorite part cheap nfl jerseys of the season). Happy Holidays!

*If you’ve already pre-ordered copies of the game and would ny like to receive a cheap jerseys certificate, drop us a line and we’ll get that right to you!

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