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Happy Holidays!

©2011 Sparky Firepants Images®It’s been a whirlwind last quarter of 2011 for us. We launched Pants! via the Kickstarter project in September. Although we learned a few hard lessons from that experience, it didn’t stop us from moving forward. Now we’ve got our own web space and are taking the game to the stores. We’re super excited about it. As enthusiastic as we both are about Pants!, it’s a challenge.

See, I’ve never created a game before. I sold my first illustration when I was 16 and I’ve had my sights set on building a life as an artist ever since. Sometimes that meant working in bank and airline call centers until I could find work, but eventually I figured it out. Getting jobs in studios is one skill, one frame of mind. Running my own art business has taken a totally different mindset (and just as much time to figure out). And finally, bringing a card game to market? It’s like starting from Square One.

I believe in the game. We love playing it at home, our friends love playing it. Sometimes you just know when you have something you need to see through. This is one of those times.

When I look back at the lifespan of Pants!, I realize it’s still an infant. We’ve got a small but fantastic customer base. We continue to get emails and Facebook messages asking about our progress and telling us how excited they are. The anticipation on receiving the first Pants! games is palpable.

Even with our optimism and the enthusiasm of our preorder customers, we struggle a bit with getting the word out. We’ve got a sweepstakes happening right now. We thought the notion of winning a $50 gift card would bring hordes of entries. Surprisingly, no hordes. And while we’re sticking to our promise on that promotion, I’m realizing it’s not the best way to get attention. I also considered plastering my nude body with cards and running across the Hawthorne bridge. I may do that anyway just for kicks (in summer), but it’s not really the kind of attention we want or need.

What we want and need is people playing the game. It’s that simple.

It makes us happy seeing people having a blast playing Pants!. So in 2012, we’ll be focusing on ways to see that in action. Beyond getting our preorders delivered, we haven’t quite figured out that part yet. Our brains are buzzing. One of our ideas is to start hosting mini-tournaments in our little mountain town of Sandy. Got any other ideas? We’d love to hear ’em.

Jenni and I are both thrilled to have you along for the ride. We wish you the best of holidays and all the success you can handle in 2012.

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