We published our Pants!

Drum roll please…

Pants! is now officially published and available!

After weeks of printing tests and product review, Pants! is now available for you to purchase and play. We’ve also tweaked the design to make it easier and more fun.

One of the design tweaks was to put a unique little icon in the corner of each card. Some of the feedback we got from players was that they wanted to better see what was in their hand without folding back each card. Shazaam! We thought it was a fantastic idea, too. The new cards are sporting the icons and testing shows it’s awesome. Tiny change, huge improvement.

Check out the final design in our latest production shot:

You’ll also notice our fabulous new stripe motif. Each card is color coded and the box goes “ka-pow!” with color. We couldn’t be more excited about offering this game to you.

Our next step is shipping games to our lovely preorder customers who have been waiting so patiently. In the coming months we’ll be setting up some local (Portland) playing events and parties so you can come out and meet other Pants! players.

Don’t miss out on those events and special deals for Pants! fans only. Get notified!

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