Welcome to the official Pants! card game website

We’re so glad you made it here. Pants! is one of the best cheap jerseys family card games we’ve ever played, and we’ve played a lot. We’re extremely proud to offer this game to the world.

We think cheap jerseys China the world needs more stuff like this. Stuff that’s pure silly fun. Stuff created with the idea of simply wanting to enjoy other people’s company. So we dreamed up Pants!

Go ahead, try to cast a cynical eye upon the world 2016What while you’re holding a pair of cartoon boxers up to your nose. Forget about the elections and Justin Bieber rumors for a while and have a blast.

Break out a set of Pants! when your friends come over. Pour some wine or tea and just hang. Put away the smart phones for SENAI/CATAL?O/GO a while.

Take a set to your favorite coffee shop. Invite that lonely old lady at the next table to for play Pants!. Um… make sure you’re clear that it’s a card game.┬áDon’t Popular scare anyone unnecessarily.

When the TV has been blaring the latest Pixar movie for the billionth time, set up a game of Pants! and reconnect with… wait… what are their names again?

Family game night? Pants! is great for up to 5 players.

Coming Up

We’ll be posting some updates right here. If you wholesale jerseys China want super special updates in your email, you can get those right here.

What you can do next

Pre-orders of the game are available right now. We plan on filling orders and shipping in early 2012. We even have a special pre-order price on Pants!, so take advantage of it and lock in your sets now.

Thanks for joining us in playing Pants!

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