A super fun family card game that's a kick in the trousers!


How is Pants! played?

The cards consist of different wardrobe categories: Classy, Sporty, Casual, Adventure. There are four unique types of pants in each wardrobe category. For example, Classy Pants consists of stripey dress pants, tuxedo pants, a gown, and a kilt.

Four illustrated cards on blue background showing the classy pants set
Four illustrated cards on blue background showing the casual pants set
Four illustrated cards on blue background showing the sports pants set
Four illustrated cards on blue background showing the adventure pants set

The object is to collect two full sets of pants from two different categories. The first player to do that wins. There are wild cards you can play to thwart your opponents’ pants collection: Suspenders and gift card. Just when you’re ready to lay down your winning set of pants, another player can steal your set or make you put it back. Ouch. 

There’s also an underwear wild card you can use with three pairs of pants in a category to make a complete set. Wee! 

Three illustrated cards on dark backgrounds; underwear, suspenders, and gift card

Game play goes like this: Each player is dealt five cards. In a turn of play, you can:

 • Lay down a complete set of pants 

 • Discard pants cards you don’t need 

 • Pick from the discard pile to get cards you need 

That’s it, in a nutshell. It’s super simple and fun to play.

What are the cards like?

There are 54 cards to a deck. They’ll be about the size of a regular deck of playing cards: 3.5″ x 2.5,” round corners, with Aqueous coating (which means they won’t fall apart if you spill Kool-Aid on them).

How many players? What ages?

The game is intended for ages 4 and up. It works great with 2–5 players.

Is it safe for my kids?

Absolutely. There are no exploding kittens or bad words. I purposely designed the game for families to play. It’s also safe for Grandma and Grandpa.

What’s the packaging like?

It’s a pretty standard tuck box, like a deck of cards. It has a super cool Pants! design on it. 

I have the game but I lost the rules! Help!

Not to worry. You can download them right from this site.

Where can I buy it?

Currently, it’s available through the manufacturer, Game Crafter. Soon I’ll make it available on this site and I’m working on getting it into stores.